Essential Safety has a range of innovate strategies utilised in project safety management to deliver excellent performance. Strategies are supported by comprehensive training and online databases.

 icon-hrc Hazard Report Card (HRC) is a Hazard Reporting tool designed to identify specific hazards and associated damaging energies. The HRC form has check boxes to identify the damaging energy, the specific hazard as well as a range of typical corrective actions. Database analysis provides an accurate project hazard profile enabling targeting of key risk areas.
 icon-ifa Integrated Failure Analysis (IFA) is an Incident Investigation methodolgy designed to identify immediate causes as well as system failures. The system aligns with other ES strategies such that non compliance trends as well as failure trends can be analysed to provide a comprehensive analysis of performance.
 icon-star Safe Task Assessment and Review (STAR) is a task assessment tool designed to assess the level safety and health compliance at the shop floor level. STAR assesses compliance with documentation, behaviours, physical conditions and competencies. The system provides immediate feedback to workforce members as well as providing performance trends over a period of time.
 icon-wear Work Equipment and Area Review (WEAR) is an inspection system designed to ensure work areas and equipment do not present unacceptable risk to workers. WEAR assesses compliance with the functional status, general order, access and operability, notification and emergency preparedness of an area or an item of plant or equipment. The database has provision for tracking of actions as well as trend analysis.
 icon-ppi PPI (Positive Performance Indicators) is a collection of indicies designed to measure positive safety activities. The Positive Performance Indicator Frequency Rate (PPIFR) is an overall index of positive actions undertaken. The Leadership Safety Index (LSI) is a measurement of the positive actions taken by senior personnel on the project.  The purpose of the positive performance indicators is to drive greater commitment to positive activities that are integral to the management of health and safety.
 icon-trm Task Risk Management (TRM) is a risk management tool designed to identify and control hazards at the task level. It is a systematic tool that guides workers through hazard identification and control selection.
TPS Logo Task Planning Sheet (TPS) is a safety planning tool that utilises data and findings from previous safety assurance activities to assist key personnel to identify and highlight potential hazards and corresponding control strategies with planned activities.