DANA Western Isles Project Completed

12 Dec 2017


Essential Safety has completed work on the Dana FPSO construction project in China.  The construction was completed without a recorded LTI.  Approximately 12 million hours of work were undertaken in China by the Cosco workforce, contractors and the Dana team.  Essential Safety managed the safety assurance with approximately 20,000 activities undertaken (task assessments, inspections, and hazard reports).  This coupled with provision of our full safety management service has contributed to the excellent performance achieved on the project.

Essential Safety utilise SGS services

01 Apr 2015

Essential Safety have now signed up with SGS to provide payroll, taxation and visa services on our projects.  SGS provide a professional and efficient service to enable Essential Safety to focus on delivery of safety services. 

Current Major Project

01 Apr 2015

Essential Safety is currently providing safety services for the Western Isles Development Project, a FPSO construction for Dana Petroleum. Work is being undertaken at a number of shipyards near Shanghai, China. Essential Safety is providing safety assurance on this construction job with key activities being inspection of the workplace, task assessment, emergency management, plans and procedures and safety training management.