Hazard Reporting - Safety KPI for the masses

08 Aug 2018

Whilst all workforce members must be safety aware, assess risk and ensure controls are suitable and implemented, there must be an appreciation for the fact that not all workers have the primary role of a safety advisor.  Hence, hazard reporting provides the workforce with a practical means of contributing to the safety assurance process without being onerous and negatively impacting on their core function.  Properly implemented with realistic targets and visible outcomes, hazard reporting for the masses not only identifies and rectifies a great number of hazards, its longer term outcome is that the workforce has an enhanced awareness of potential risk with their role and the work environment.  Hazard reporting was particularly effective on our last project with approximately 3500 hazards reported by the general workforce which were communicated, rectified and analysed.  This resulted in a high level of safety engagement from the workforce and a means to establish representative trends.  These hazard reports also contributed to our positive performance indicator frequency rate, one of our key safety performance metrics for the project.   

Safety Inertia

06 Aug 2018

Essential Safety developed the Safety Inertia model to highlight the key factors that hold organisations back from continuously improving their safety systems and performance.  With continuous improvement being a focus for us during project management it is something we are conscious of and seek solutions when these inertia factors arise.  Most organisations are challenged by at least one of these inertia factors.  Recognition can provide an opportunity for positive change in the management of safety and health.

Safety Inertia Model

Leadership Safety Index Developed

13 Jul 2018

Last year we completed a 4 year job managing safety on the Dana Western Isles FPSO construction in China and since have been able to reflect on the project.  Whilst we are no doubt delighted with completing this project without a serious injury, it is important not to overlook the importance that leadership played in achieving that result.  The Project Manager stated at a function that the project would be a failure if there was a fatality.  This was backed up with the appropriate resourcing and drive for continuous improvement from both site and company senior management.  This was the most important determinant of success on the project.  In response, Essential Safety has added a Leadership Safety Index to our Lead indicators to measure and recognise positive safety actions by senior management.  It is satisfying to make a system addition based on positive action for future positive recognition.

DANA Western Isles Project Completed

12 Dec 2017


Essential Safety has completed work on the Dana FPSO construction project in China.  The construction was completed without a recorded LTI.  Approximately 12 million hours of work were undertaken in China by the Cosco workforce, contractors and the Dana team.  Essential Safety managed the safety assurance with approximately 20,000 activities undertaken (task assessments, inspections, and hazard reports).  This coupled with provision of our full safety management service has contributed to the excellent performance achieved on the project.

Essential Safety utilise SGS services

01 Apr 2015

Essential Safety have now signed up with SGS to provide payroll, taxation and visa services on our projects.  SGS provide a professional and efficient service to enable Essential Safety to focus on delivery of safety services.