Essential Safety are specialists in the management of safety and health on large construction projects. 


What is our approach and philosophy?

Always strive for NEW, BETTER and DIFFERENT ways to manage safety on large projects.

Challenge existing norms in the pursuit of excellence in project safety management.

Finger on the pulse through comprehensive monitoring, review and evaluation.

Continuous improvement throughout a project.

Great relationships equals co-operation, integration and buy- in.


Why choose us?


We offer innovation, not just standard safety management approaches

A track record delivering projects without serious injuries

Experienced and qualified individuals with international experience

Ability to hit the ground running using established strategies and proven processes.


  • Hazard Report Card (HRC) is a hazard reporting system that identifies hazards and damaging energy categories.

  • Integrated Failure Analysis (IFA) is an Incident Investigation methodolgy designed to identify immediate causes as well as system failures. 

  • Safe Task Assessment and Review (STAR) is a strategy that comprehensively assesses compliance to safety and health requirements.

  • Work Equipment and Area Review (WEAR) is a workplace inspection tool that is adaptable to all work areas and Equipment.

  • Positive Performance Indicators (PPI) tracks positive safety activities undertaken on a project.

  • Task Risk Management (TRM) is a tool utilised by the workforce to assist in identifying hazards and controls for a task that is to be undertaken.