Essential Safety are specialists in the management of safety and health on large oil and gas construction projects in the Asia Pacific region.

  • Hazard Report Card (HRC) is a hazard reporting system that identifies hazards and damaging energy categories.

  • Integrated Failure Analysis (IFA) is an Incident Investigation methodolgy designed to identify immediate causes as well as system failures.¬†

  • Safe Task Assessment and Review (STAR) is a strategy that comprehensively assesses compliance to safety and health requirements.

  • Work Equipment and Area Review (WEAR) is a workplace inspection tool that is adaptable to all work areas and Equipment.

  • Positive Performance Indicator (PPI) is a strategy that calculates an indicator rate that tracks positive safety activities undertaken on a project.

  • Task Risk Management (TRM) is a tool utilised by the workforce to assist in identifying hazards and controls for a task that is to be undertaken.